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... can be quite special, as long as your instrument matches with your personality and as long as you can express, what moves you. I am very happy to help you with this - be it through finding or restoring and refining your Instrument.

Welcome in my Workshop! 


Violin Maker

  Most of my time I devote to crafting new instruments. The unceasing search for a sound, which unites depth, riches of colours and agility and which opens up a vast sphere of creativity and inspiration for the musician, keeps spurring me on.

Below you can see examples of my work in detail...
Viola built after G.B. Guadagnini 
Violin built after Guarneri del Gesu


The preservance of existing instruments is a further area I give my attention to. Whether it is the student cello or an old precious violin, it is a pleasure for me to repair or restore your instrument. Doing this I always have the sound in mind and work towards keeping or, if wished, improving it. 

If you wish to specifically have the sound improved, I am happy to serve you with my many years' experience gained through the making of new instruments.

Please do get in contact with me for an appointment in my workshop and I will develop with you a plan of measures to take, which are reasonable and appropriate.



Due to my experience I gained in the workshop of Bow Making Master Stefan Wörz in Munich and many years' practice working for Violin Making Master Andreas Augustin, I am happy to rehair your bow.

For rehairing your bow I solely use horse hair of finest quality originating from Mongolia. It is carefully hand picked by a renowned specialist. And I will of course take your individual wishes into account.

Doing repairs I take special care of its style and origination.


Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-29 um

Crafted with love and sense for sound

„I've been playing a violin by Stefan Becker for years now and I am still excited with how much love and sense for sound he is creating his instruments. I hope he will have many more excited costumers, like I am."

Bastian Schäfer, 1st violinist Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra 


Violin with richness of colours

"For a long time I had been looking for a new well sounding violin and finally found one made by Stefan Becker.

For one year I have been playing a Guarneri model and every day I am enjoying this violin.

Its sound is very warm and assertive and it is very enjoyable to play both in orchestra and chamber music ensembles.

Its strings are responding very well and very important for me is its richness of colors".

Claudia von Kopp Ostrowski, 1st violinist Badische Staatskapelle Karlsruhe




This section is under construction – as is my supply of well adjusted rental instruments. If you are looking for an instrument to rent, please contact me. 



Violin Making Master

Rathausgasse 10

79219 Staufen

07633/ 4068546

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New Instruments
Repair & Sound


Music always has been my great passion. Especially the sound and the aesthetic of a violin fascinated me even as a boy. 

So with 9 years of age I started to learn playing the violin. And because I also loved to create and shape with my hands I finally learned the profession of a violin maker after high school. 


I studied at the "Staatliche Berufsfachschule für Musikinstrumentenbau in Mittenwald" from 1999 till 2003.


I furthered my skills at the workshop of Violin Making Master Andreas Augustin. Here I learned a lot about repair and restoration. Making new instruments was another important field and so I worked on more than 60 instruments and also built some own. The old Cremonese sound and the aesthetic of those instruments were always crucial in the process of making new instruments.

Further inspiration I experience(d) working together with Philipp Augustin.


In 2009 I passed the examination for the master craftsman's certificate in Munich and was happy to receive a special tribute by the "Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern" having passed the exams with outstanding results. 


After three years of social engagement overseas I started my own workshop in 2015 and continue to live out my passion to open up inspiring sound spheres for musicians by crafting new instruments.


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